Free your mind from the daily grind. Thinking Caps awakens your most vivid self, brightening the world around you, lightening the load, and turning the mundane into magic.

Key Benefits

More Creativity

One of the benefits of our infused mushrooms is that they stimulate your brain and break down mental walls. With Thinking Caps, everything feels more flexible. New solutions and ideas come easily and unconstrained thought allows for new ways to explore. Whether at work, in personal projects, or around a bonfire, this creativity is expansive.

More Focus

Ditch the second or maybe third cup of coffee and get focused with Thinking Caps. We recommend a half gummy to start to expand your consciousness and deepen your concentration. Life is full of distractions. You’ll just be too tapped in to notice.

More Ease

Life can get so busy, tense, and stressful, it feels like we are holding our breath. Thinking Caps is the exhale. Our gummies can help you feel excited and relaxed at social events, to communicate your emotions and feelings easily, and feel less shaken by the world outside of you.



Exploration Encouraged: Thinking Caps mushrooms are your stairway to self-discovery.

In a world that’s lost its color, Thinking Caps will help you turn the lights on. 

“Why are we here?” A question as old as time requires an answer from the same era. Mushrooms are an old school solution for new school problem solving. Thinking Caps are infused with a magical blend to stimulate your senses. With their aid we can better see both the obstacle and the pathway around it, both our needs and the tools we have to address them....

On the Journal

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