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We’re explorers in the world of mushrooms.

We’ve created a microdose gummy to optimize your cognitive function and holistic well-being. Whether you’re curious about daily use or the one-off adventure, Thinking Caps is optimized for bringing you nature’s wisdom in a modern form.

Thinking Caps:

A Microdose Gummy For Modern Times

What was once a taboo is now on the forefront of therapeutic and academic research. Everyday a new article is popping up, from the New York Times to independent journals like Double Blind Magazine, exploring the future of these mystical mushrooms and their potential to aid in the world’s ailments. 

These aren’t the heroic doses of Woodstock 1969. Instead a growing interest has emerged in the world of microdosing mushrooms. Microdosing is a subtle way to enhance mental clarity and vitality. The effects of the microdose are seen over the long-term, treating the microdose gummy more like a vitamin and protocol than a one-time space trip. At Thinking Caps, we lean into an effect that is going to last.

Our microdose gummy is made up of the whole fruiting mushroom body + a concentrate extracted using water, air, and ~*sonic*~ waves. While most products and therapy are creating synthetic versions of the active ingredient in mushrooms, we keep it all from the source.There are NO chemicals used during the extraction process.  Plus, we use a single-source supply to ensure a consistent dosage and experience. All together, it creates a potent, clean microdose gummy for your ultimate experience.

The Power of the Microdose Gummy

Mushrooms are Brain Food

Our team is here to help you keep up on the latest in scientific research and academic breakthroughs in the mystical mushroom world. Most importantly, we’re here to help you discover your own path along the mind-expansive yellow brick road. 

The latest mushroom research is confirming the anecdotal evidence reported for millenia. Microdosing mushrooms have remarkable therapeutic potential. They positively impact brain function, mood regulation, and overall mental health. As the demands of modern life continue to intensify, mushrooms have emerged as a natural solution for everyday focus and stress relief. Add in a convenient and delicious microdose gummy, watch results unfold.

At Thinking Caps, we believe in the transformative power of mushrooms as brain food. We are curious about where this landscape will take us all and what kind of benefits will be unlocked. We're dedicated to providing you with high-quality products that empower you to unlock your full cognitive potential and to explore your mind in a new way.

With Thinking Caps, you can see the world in color.