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Thinking Caps are a magical blend of California-grown mushrooms. We use the whole fruiting body to concentrate its power into a yummy gummy. Our supply is single sourced, which means we can guarantee its consistency for keeping the vibe high. This daily dose is designed for increased mental focus and clarity.

One daily dose of these magical psychedelic mushroom gummies can help to battle the brain fog clog so that you can awaken to a more vivid sense of self. If you want to keep it light, a small dose encourages creativity and focus. Take larger doses to explore the concepts between space and time.


For a Microdosing Protocol: Take 1 gummy per day for up to 5 days. Alternate “rest” days to maintain efficacy. We suggest 5 days on, 2 days off or 4 days on, 3 days off.

Be mindful of how you are feeling. Many people find it helpful to keep a log or journal while microdosing. 

For a higher dose: consult the dosing guide and consume responsibly.

Directions for use

For a Microdosing Protocol

Take 1 gummy per day for up to 5 days. Alternate “rest” days to maintain efficacy. We suggest 5 days on, 2 days off or 4 days on, 3 days off.

Be mindful of how you are feeling. Many people find it helpful to keep a log or journal while microdosing.

For a Higher Dose

Consult the Dosing Guide and Consume Responsibly. We recommend testing with a guide (babysitter, friend, what-have-you) before taking these higher doses out into the world with you.

Dosing Guide

The Focus Dose

Get your thinking cap on

The Social Dose

For the soulful storyteller sans hangover

The Adventure Dose

For the dreamer and the schemer

The Deep Exploration Dose

See the music, taste the color

The Psychadelic Dose

For the Modern Day Time Traveler

Key Benefits


One can’t forget that the primary active in magic mushrooms has long been an aid for spiritual quests and awakenings. Whether you’re staying in and exploring your own mind or going out on a journey, Thinking Caps will accompany you. Curiosity reigns supreme, time loses some of its grip, and possibilities are endless.


There’s nothing quite like realizing the interconnectedness we share with the rest of the world. One of the incredible benefits of Thinking Caps is its ability to increase our emotional insight, better relating to others who we may not have been able to understand before. There’s a whole world we are one with. Mystical mushrooms increase our emotional openness and allows us to see eye-to-eye with new views.


Over time, Thinking Caps can help you regulate your emotions more effectively and cultivate a sense of inner peace and contentment. It helps to lower the symptoms of chronic stress that seem to plague our being. Eventually, life just seems lighter and brighter, contributing to a greater sense of wellness while you’re on caps or off.

Thinking Caps are a magical blend of California-grown mushrooms designed for increased mental focus and clarity.


What is microdosing? And why is everyone so excited about it?

Microdosing involves taking a small, sub-perceptual dose of a psychedelic substance, such as mushrooms or LSD, typically every few days. People are so excited about it because of the reports of other folks who have used them! Microdosing can enhance creativity, mood, focus, and overall well-being without inducing a full psychedelic experience.

Are there risks or potential side effects of microdosing?

While generally considered safe, potential risks of microdosing include nausea, headaches, and exacerbation of underlying mental health conditions. Long-term effects are not yet well-documented or understood.

How do I determine the right dosage for me?

Start with a very low dose. Gradually increase until you notice subtle effects without experiencing any noticeable impairment. There’s a right dose for everyone. We suggest monitoring and tracking your experiences with a notebook or  notes app to track your personal effects.

How long does it take to feel the effects of microdosing?

Effects can vary. Typically you will notice subtle changes within a few hours.

What if I take SSRIs or other medications?

Yes, some medications and substances, particularly SSRIs and MAOIs, can interact with psychedelics and may cause adverse effects. Consult a healthcare professional before combining, if you are new to microdosing.

Are there any legal implications or risks associated with microdosing mushrooms?

The legality of microdosing mushrooms varies by country and region. In many places, possession and use of psychedelics are illegal but decriminalized.

Can microdosing mushrooms be combined with other therapeutic practices or modalities?

Yes, microdosing mushrooms can complement various therapeutic practices such as mindfulness, meditation, and therapy.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t microdose mushrooms?

Microdosing may not be suitable for individuals with a history of severe mental health conditions, pregnant or nursing women, or those on certain medications. Consulting a healthcare professional is advisable.

What happens if I take on an empty stomach?

Taking on an empty stomach will increase the effects. If you are looking to do so- we can’t stop you, but we recommend taking as directed first and experimenting if/when you know how a suggested dose affects you.

Biology + Psychology Merged

Mystical mushrooms are mind magnifiers which explains why their experiences can be different for different users. What does it really mean? They can have a profound effect on our sense of reality and our sense of self.

P. Cubensis converts to a compound that promotes the magic effects we all know and love once it's in your bloodstream. The primary active hits the brain receptor and activates a serotonin receptor. Suddenly your brain is able to communicate in entirely new ways. Some studies have shown that this grows our neural plasticity. That is, our ability to rewire connections in our brains for long-lasting positive effects and changes to our outlook on life.

While these mystical mushrooms are creating one-of-a-kind biological brain effects, they are helping users to get to the root of their psychological ailments. Herein the potential lies. Long-lasting, true change towards our highest selves.

Nutrition For The Brain

There is incredible excitement about the therapeutic potential for users of these mystical mushrooms. One of the attributes of mushrooms is that they deactivate the brain's “default mode network” and influence the claustrum, that is akin to the “switchboard of the brain”. By disrupting these powerful, normative forces in our mind, they disrupt typical patterns of brain communication and help to forge brand new connections between seldom interacting parts of our mind.

This phenomenon has drawn renewed attention from scientists, who are exploring the therapeutic potential of these substances for conditions like addiction, depression, and PTSD. So far researching has been incredibly promising. Some studies show that the use of p. cubensis can create rapid and lasting reductions in depression symptoms, essentially resetting our “default mode network”. The alteration in brain activity leads to heightened awareness and facilitates profound psychological insights, resetting rigid thought patterns and behaviors. The potential nutrition p. cubensis promises for our overall mental health is fascinating. And best part, there are no known negative side effects to microdosing.

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